28 hours of instruction offered in private or small group settings!


Instruction is administered over 9 separate sessions.


Gain experience answering actual test questions, build confidence, and reduce anxiety.


Offered in private tutoring or small group classes of 28 hrs. of instruction over 9 sessions.  Only firsthand, authentic material directly from The College Board and The Real ACT are used.

The SAT and ACT are standardized tests administered nationwide to college-bound high school students. The scores from one or both of these tests are considered as part of the college admission application. While not precisely mandatory, it’s rare to find a school that doesn’t review either of these tests. It’s even more rare to find a college student who didn’t take one of these.

The Purpose

This class is recommended for college-bound juniors and seniors. Nearly all colleges in the United States use scores from the SAT, ACT or both as part of their application review process. While the SAT is more prevalent in the eastern part of the country and the ACT is more prevalent in the west, more and more colleges are reviewing BOTH scores. This program is designed to prepare students for BOTH the SAT and ACT standardized tests.

The Format

This program includes nine sessions. During first 4-hour session, you will complete and score a practice SAT test. Your initial practice test score will serve as a benchmark to which your progress throughout the program will be compared. Each additional 3-hour session will include 1½ hours of math instruction and 1½ hours of verbal instruction. Prior to each session you will be expect to complete and score a homework assignment. The first two homework assignments will provide an opportunity to review and reinforce basic math and verbal skills and are made up of 100 common core questions most frequently used on the tests. This is a benchmark and building block in order to achieve an Ivy League test score.
The last six homework assignments will be to complete and score an entire practice test. While these homework assignments are extensive, they are also an essential part of the program and MUST BE COMPLETED.



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